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Atlanta Psychotherapy: Improvement From Psychological Disorders

Are you or a loved one struggling to cope with certain emotional issues? Are you finding it hard to live life fully and often find yourself swamped in a sea of emotions? Well, the solution to your problem lies in finding the underlying cause. An experienced Atlanta counselor/psychotherapist can come to your rescue to learn how to overcome emotional stressors that seem to be wreaking havoc with your life. At Brett Rozen Psychotherapy, I am a counselor who combines empathy with insight.  I work to help you resolve issues that you find hard to cope with, and help you to realize your full potential for self-fulfillment, happiness, and well-being.

What is Psychotherapy?

In simple terms, psychotherapy is the process of treating emotional problems, mental distress, and psychological disorders through counseling or talk therapy, in which the psychotherapist allows clients to explore all the stressors affecting their lives and to find solid ways of coping with them. Psychological problems can result from a myriad of causes.  Some of these include:

  • serious illness
  • loss of a loved one
  • termination from job
  • weight loss
  • accident
  • divorce or marital dissatisfaction
  • parenting issues
  • communication issues
  • post traumatic stress
  • emotional abuse
  • discontent with self image
  • alcohol addiction or drug abuse
  • relationship troubles

If left untreated, these issues may assume serious proportions and become debilitating. It is here, that an expert psychotherapist in Atlanta can help you safely work through such problems. A psychotherapy session provides a supportive environment for the patient to talk openly about the issues troubling them without the fear of being judged. Being a collaborative treatment, psychotherapy involves the counselor and patient working together to identify the root cause of the problem and find ways to change the behavioral patterns that have been keeping him/her from living a fuller life. During the session, you will develop coping skills that will help you confidently meet life’s challenges.

A psychotherapy session will help if there is:

  • an overwhelming sense of sadness in your life
  • a heap of problems that never seem to leave you despite your efforts 
  • difficulty in concentrating on work assignments 
  • problem in carrying out routine activities
  • a feeling of being constantly on edge

If you want to feel better, I can offer you compassionate help. Psychotherapy sessions are all about learning yourself, identifying the stressors in your life, gaining access to your feelings, breaking through self-limiting thoughts hiding in your subconscious mind, and finding robust ways of healing deeper wounds, trauma healing, and responding to life's demands.
Successful psychotherapy proves to be a blessing for patients, helping you learn coping skills to face problems and enjoy satisfaction with life and relationships. If you are committed to dealing with stress in life and coping with depression or anxiety, a psychotherapist is your best recourse. Addressing concerns in early stages will prevent them from evolving into unimaginable proportions. And help you safely tread the path to personal wellness. Here starts your journey toward better physical and mental health and improved quality of life. 

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