Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Treatment Atlanta: Your Road to Recovery From Anorexia

Are you or a loved one struggling with binge eating, anorexia, or bulimia? There are close to 11 million people suffering from eating disorders (EDs) in the United States.  It used to be purported that males made up 10% of eating disorder cases, but that number is now known to be much higher.  The good news is that recovery is possible by working through the underlying causes of eating disorders, despite the complex emotional challenges posed by them. Brett Rozen, MS Ed, LPC, an Atlanta psychotherapist, can come to your rescue to help

  • identify the real cause of your problem
  • understand the disease process
  • build a more balanced relationship with food

What Are Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders can affect you both mentally and physically. Most women and men suffering from eating disorders are obsessed with their body image, develop a irrational fear of becoming overweight, and/or have unreal expectations or a distorted attitude about their looks, weight, shape, and eating.
The most common eating disorder, anorexia, causes you to be obsessed with losing weight. Affected persons are often plagued with thoughts of being overweight, even if they are terribly underweight. While anorexia affects you psychologically, it can also have drastic and deadly physical consequences. As a result, you either eat very little or quickly, causing a deficiency of essential vitamins and nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body.  Other types of eating disorders include bulimia, binge eating disorder, exercise bulimia, and orthorexia nervosa (an unhealthy obsession with eating only “healthy” foods).
People active in their eating disorders for long extended periods of time can experience serious health problems.  In worse cases, women begin to miss menstrual cycles. Men and women can also lose bone density and develop heart muscle damage.  Fortunately, Brett Rozen, MS Ed, LPC, eating disorder treatment therapist, offers a ray of hope to clients, addressing the underlying problems, including depression and anxiety, while helping them feel better about themselves.

How Can a Psychotherapist Help?

Eating disorders have reached serious epidemic levels in the United States, affecting all segments of society and causing immeasurable suffering for affected persons and their families.  Eating disorder treatment counseling expert, Brett Rozen, MS Ed, LPC,  helps Atlanta patients learn to become responsible for their health. The treatment for eating disorders follows a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on counseling/psychotherapy and dietary modifications.
Talk therapy is often the first step toward treating eating problems, as such patients often find it hard to express their emotions, and this dysfunctional behavior is a symptom of an underlying problem. A holistic therapy program enables them to understand the need for healthier coping mechanisms and learn to eat normally again. Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions focus on addressing irrational and negative thoughts and behaviors about self-image and eating.
Eating Disorder Treatment Atlanta counselors also focus on family therapy, which is critical part of the treatment process, as family members play an important role in the post-therapy life of the affected person and continue to motivate them to like their body.
If left untreated, eating disorders can cause a lot of damage to the physical and mental health of a person.  At Brett Rozen Psychotherapy, our interpersonal psychotherapy sessions are especially focused on helping you deal with your issues and heal rifts in current relationships.  Brett is a counselor who is committed to guiding you through the eating disorder treatment process to ensure a speedy, positive recovery. 

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